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The business community in the College Park, MD refers to the strong working relationship they have with Master Garage Door Service. Years of faithful service have made us be rated the best garage door repair service around. We uphold best industry practices and we couple that with our years in the garage door sector. We have placed client needs above all else by recognizing that they need their security and comfort at their convenience.

We do evaluations on commercial locations and offer services like business-grade garage door installation, and we consult with the client on design upgrade to keep them up to speed with the times. Master Garage Door Service needs the client to go back to their business happy, so we only provide materials and parts from the best-rated suppliers and makers in the industry. To reduce downtime for your business, we rely on speed and efficiency.

Superior Products

Master Garage Door Service College Park, MD 301-750-2202We do not compromise on quality. To make sure your door is guarded well against day to day usage, we source doors made with durable hardware and have a sturdy design. The doors are built to last and to withstand factors that cause a breakdown. We consult extensively with you, taking all your personal needs to account to assist you to upgrade your doors to guarantee you more safety and comfort.

Garage Door Repair

As DIY approaches usually have a host of risks, whenever you need attention for your garage door, it is advised that you call Master Garage Door Service. Escalation of a minor issue may bring you more harm than initially intended. When your door doesn’t open or gets stuck, makes noises that it shouldn't, it can get pretty frustrating. However, the best option would be to call us. From the build of the doors, a fix it yourself attitude may unfortunately lead to injury. To make sure you are safe and back in business in no time, Master Garage Door Service has the technicians needed for the job.

With age, a door may start experiencing malfunctions. As soon as you notice a recurring pattern in your door’s behavior, it is wise to contact our technicians to handle it. Ignoring can bring your door to a permanent standstill. We would like to continue with the Master Garage Door Service of helping residents and businesses in the area save time and money.

Garage Door Inspections

As with any other machinery, garage doors are a set of independent parts that work together to produce the workings of the garage door. Since each part must work for the whole system to work, it is of utmost importance that all the parts are at their optimum. Master Garage Door Service can routinely inspect your garage doors to make sure it is working as it should. We determine how safe it is for continued use and assess risk of the door not working.

The remote door opener, dual springs, cables and individual hardware are just some of the parts that Master Garage Door Service pays attention to. They scan and evaluate every part of the garage door internal workings to come up with an analysis of risk of breakage, signs of wear and tear and anything that isn’t working as it should.

The technicians' suggestions on repair will be based on a thorough viewing of all the parts of the door. To maintain the door at its best working condition, technicians might suggest replacement of parts, oiling moving parts, tightening loose areas and adjusting the tension on springs. The simplest corrections sometimes make sure your door lasts and operates much better.

Damaged Doors

Accidents happen. You might get a minor accident that damages your door. Your door is also vulnerable to the stresses of daily use. When the functionality of your door is compromised, your safety cannot be guaranteed to be 100%.

Master Garage Door Service has built its brand in and around College Park, MD by showing up whenever you need them most. At Master Garage Door Service we have technicians that will respond to your call, and fix your garage door in the least time possible. When the urgency of the situation demands our immediate response, our staff is on standby all day, all night, and all week. We keep your day schedule seamless by ensuring that none of your day’s important events are missed. Door opener malfunctions are well within our scope of expertise too.

There is no brand, issue or system that our professional team cannot fix. We will do whatever is necessary to getting your door operation back in topmost shape.

Garage Doors That Won't Track

The garage door track is an important component in your system as it enables the door to open and close at all times. If the door and track are misaligned, your door could stop working altogether.

Age, repeated use and cable breakage are just some of the causes that may cause garage doors to get misaligned with the track. Other than that, wetness, heat, and low temperatures can cause the garage doors to get off track. Since cable breaks only appear on one side of the track, breaks occur during the rising of the door.

Machinery will exert extra force when any component is blocked. Similarly, when a door is blocked, extra energy will be used, and that will make it leave the track. How it happens is not a concern as much as the next step to take after that. When your door is off the track, calling Master Garage Door Service will ensure that your off-track door is fixed. In no time at all, we return the door back on track so it can resume normal operation.

To avoid making a mess of the whole door mechanism, an attempt to fix the door yourself without the tools and know-how is discouraged. During a DIY repair, you do not know what might happen in the course of it. Your safest option is to contact us, as we have the tools, people, and accessories to solve your problem. You do not have to be hurt to keep your merchandise safe, so let us do it for you.